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Chapter 250 Revolution

  • “Apologize now!”
  • Casper's face was red from wrath, leaving Hilda and Cody trembling incessantly.
  • “Amelia, you heartless sl*t. I knew from the start that you're a jinx.” Hilda cursed while weeping.
  • Enraged, Casper signaled two of the Firewolf Chamber members to get hold of Hilda. “If you don't stop now, we'll go to the bank and apply for immediate debt repayment measures. Then you'll lose this house right away!” One of them threatened.
  • What was scarier than a mafia was a mafia that understood the law. Of course, it was merely a script taught by Casper.
  • Upon hearing that, Hilda shut her mouth immediately. She was aware that there was a high chance she and her son would end up homeless if she did not give in.
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