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Chapter 249 Repay Evil With Evil

  • “Impossible! The agreement is two hundred thousand. I have a copy with me!”
  • Immediately, Cody searched his bag and took out his copy of the agreement.
  • The moment he flipped the agreement open, his eyes widened in bewilderment. The number on his copy was one million as well.
  • “But I only took two hundred thousand. And one hundred and eighty thousand is fake!”
  • At that instant, Cody came to the realization. “You liars! You used twenty thousand to bait me!”
  • Those men from the Firewolf Chamber displayed an evil smile. “Fool. Isn't it too late for you to realize now? This agreement is legitimate, so by law, you owe us one million now. The bank slip of the twenty thousand is the proof. Even if we cheated you, there's nothing you could do.”
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