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Chapter 247 Web Of Spiders

  • “Well, I have been playing this for a long time. I only reached this level because I played every day. If you play this long enough, you will soon reach my level of skill!” A hint of laughter flashed across the corner of the man's eyes. He almost couldn't hold back himself when he said those words. With his slow reaction time and disgruntled mentality, Cody could never master this game.
  • Cody felt confident upon hearing the man's words. “That's great! But...I can't play for long at all. I have to sneak out to play every time.”
  • “Your parents don't allow you to buy a computer? You don't seem to be poor judging from your clothes.”
  • Cody fiddled with the collar of his branded top. “I'm certainly not short of money. But my mom just doesn't allow me to use the computer. I'm not sure what influenced her, but she said there are viruses on the computer and won't let me touch it.”
  • The man shook his head. “That's because these are all excuses. She just doesn't want to spend on you!”
  • Cody raised his voice. “That's impossible. My mom always buys me whatever I want!”
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