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Chapter 245 Replacement

  • Casper and the students made it all the way out of the mall and came to a stop at a nearby park. Breathless from the running, they traded looks before bursting out into laughter.
  • “Thanks, man,” one of them said to Casper while the others nodded gratefully. “That was really impressive of you. What's your name, by the way?”
  • Recognition registered on another's face. “Oh, hey, aren't you Casper Simpson? The pauper who put Sawyer Lingham in his place?”
  • The others gasped. They had not expected their savior to be the same person who was the talk of the school over the past few days.
  • At their looks of admiration, Casper cleared his throat. “Well, I'd like to keep a low profile, but I guess my reputation precedes me. Anyway, I'm just here today to help you guys because I think you've been unfairly treated by that company.” He turned to Elena. “Ms. Schneider, please hire an attorney to represent these students. I want to see how we can file a lawsuit against Vamanos Manpower on the grounds of exploitation.”
  • Elena frowned slightly but replied in the affirmative.
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