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Chapter 231 Becoming The Talk Of The Town

  • “Don't be so impulsively next time.” Giselle was still shocked that Casper went to confront Sawyer all alone.
  • Deep in her heart, she was aware that there would always be at least a few women who would appear in a man's life. She also understood that Casper treated her sincerely, but somehow, she felt she did not deserve to be with him.
  • Giselle sighed once again. I still don't know how to tell him about my father.
  • After their meal, Casper told Elena to prepare a car so that he could send Giselle home.
  • “Why don't you take the Maserati, Mr. Simpson? You've not driven it before.”
  • What's with Elena? Did she just call me Mr. Simpson? Casper knitted his brows but did not think further. “It's okay. Just get me a car from the hotel, and leave the Maserati here. We can always get a better car in the future. People in this country might think of Maserati as a luxury car because of its price, but in other countries, it's just a regular vehicle.”
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