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Chapter 226 Crushing Defeat

  • Casper gave Sheryl a rundown of what had happened with Sawyer, including their agreement. He only told her he had dirt on the man and bought himself a month's grace period without elaborating on the details about storming the spa and what he did to Sawyer.
  • “I see. This means that your showdown with Sawyer would happen a month later,” she surmised succinctly.
  • Casper answered in the affirmative. Ever so astute of her to grasp the situation quickly.
  • “How did you do it? And what kind of dirt do you have on him?”
  • He cleared his throat. “Just a little trick of mine... It's enough to keep him in check for a month.”
  • “In that case, we should get rid of Hanson now. Thanks for doing this, Casper. I'll share with you my secret soup recipe as thanks.”
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