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Chapter 222 Appraisal

  • “Ah!”
  • It never crossed Elena's mind that another woman would tease her. They even kissed indirectly! Covering her face, she ran out of Victoria's Chamber.
  • Her shriek brought Casper back to reality. Clearing his throat, he pretended to look serious and censured, “Ms. Stalling, you're embarrassing my secretary.”
  • Victoria winked at Casper. “The teacher you brought previously was too reserved. I like this one better. You shouldn't let the opportunity slip.”
  • Stumped, he placed the box on her desk. “This is what I've brought for your appraisal today, Ms. Stalling.” After that, he turned and chased after Elena.
  • The moment Victoria opened the box and saw its content, her eyes glistened in surprise.
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