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Chapter 216 A Clean Slate

  • Casper nodded at him while scoffing in his mind.
  • After Sawyer was forced to finish filming all the videos, he picked up his clothes to cover up. “Can you let me go now?”
  • Casper waved the phone in his hand. “I'll see you some other time. Anyway, I hope you won't do anything stupid when you go back. If you think stealing the phone would prevent your video from leaking onto the internet, you are dead wrong.”
  • Thereafter, Sawyer quickly put on his shirt and woke his men. Then, he fled as fast as he could.
  • His bodyguards were puzzled by why he was so energetic. However, they didn't dare comment or ask about it. All that mattered was their employer was safe.
  • Roy and his secretary stood up as they dropped their act in the security control room.
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