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Chapter 203 Coincidence Or Conspiracy

  • Elena was shocked upon hearing Sharon's revelation. She covered her mouth, stunned as she asked, “Are you saying that the one who prepared the meals wasn't him?”
  • Casper was a little clueless as to what the two of them were discussing. “What do you mean?”
  • “Mr. Simpson, you might not have watched his videos, but I'm sure you know that we-media is very trendy now.”
  • “I'm aware of it. It becomes a thing due to the rising quality of life, the fragmentation of leisure time, as well as an increasing desire to satisfy spiritual needs in a short time,” Casper explained casually.
  • Elena cast a strange look at him and chimed in, “Well, it's exactly like what you said. Many content creators emerge after we-media has become popular. Although their qualities are uneven, some of them have garnered enough viewers. Hanson is exactly the lucky one. All of his videos are about cooking and have received more than ten million views each.”
  • Casper touched his chin as he added, “I can roughly guess what happened then. Although Sheryl made all the meals, that guy edited the videos, thus showing him as the chef who prepared the food instead.”
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