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Chapter 198 The Sense Of Taste

  • Louis approached the duo and introduced himself, “Ms. Alder, you can count on me because I won't side with Mr. Simpson merely because he's my employer. The only thing I truly care about is the taste of the dish.”
  • Casper added, “If you think it's unfair, you can send someone of your choice just to be safe.”
  • However, Sharon shook her head and asserted, “That won't be necessary since you have allowed me to decide on the challenges for the first two rounds.”
  • Casper smirked when Sharon turned him down. He thought that was a sign he could win her over at the end of the match. “Alright, what's the first challenge that's in store for us?”
  • Sharon retrieved her utensils and announced, “You're not allowed to consider yourself a cook unless you have a sharp sense of taste! Therefore, the first challenge is to determine if you have it or not!”
  • “What exactly are you up to? You're not going to hand over a freaking jalapeno to me and ask me to consume it without anything else, are you?” Casper asked with a frown.
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