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Chapter 196 Showdown

  • “Showdown?” questioned Sharon with an arched brow. “What kind of showdown?”
  • “A cooking showdown, of course. Aren't you a chef? I can have a face-off with you when it comes to food,” declared Casper before pointing at the red wine on the table. “I think I will win, though, because a true chef will never waste food, and judging by what you did earlier, you must be a terrible chef.”
  • Sharon was rendered speechless by his sarcastic remarks. However, she could not even refute with the comebacks she had prepared in her mind, for the man's words had hit her right at the core.
  • The number one rule for chefs, for both apprentices and professionals, was to never waste food.
  • During their apprenticeship, they would always accidentally burn the dishes. Instead of throwing them away, they would eat the burnt food as punishment.
  • Even when the food was rotten, they would make it into slops to feed animals.
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