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Chapter 192 Random Accident

  • With that, the mass of the white shirt Casper had on today, alongside his pants, were drenched into a shade of claret, enveloping his entire person with the dense piquancy of fermented grapes.
  • Elena was so shocked that the cutlery fell from her hands. She let out a yelp and thought about helping Casper clean up, while the female server who had just doused him tried to slink away wordlessly before being seized by Casper.
  • “Hold it right there,” he said.
  • The server gnashed her teeth and repressed her own near overwhelming feelings of revulsion and disgruntlement before she turned to regard Casper.
  • The very thought of having to gaze upon someone like him filled her with disgust.
  • Casper recognized her as the female server who was glaring at him earlier.
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