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Chapter 190 Photograph

  • That peculiarly surly man appraised the image which he successfully captured with his phone in satisfaction. He was pleased to have something to show for his efforts.
  • For his target to walk right up to his door on his own accord had him glowing in delight.
  • The charming and attractive woman in the photograph had her hands around the arm of a fair and handsome man. Not to mention, the woman was all smiles and seemed to be enjoying herself.
  • In contrast, the man seemed to be less than enthused but did not push her away either.
  • The more the surly man looked upon the good-looking pair who seemed such a great match for each other, the more gratified he appeared to be. He then set about putting everything he had toward utilizing this photograph to maximum effect.
  • That was the only way he could justify all the work invested into it.
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