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Chapter 186 A Call From Hilda

  • As expected, when Casper answered the phone, it was Hilda on the call.
  • She sounded gentle and caring, which was unlike her usual arrogant self.
  • She was speaking in a low and soft tone.
  • If Casper didn't know about her personality beforehand, he would've mistaken her as a kind and loving mother.
  • “Hello, Casper. I'm Amelia's mother. Well, would you like to meet with Amelia? You guys should communicate more often, you know? Honestly, I really like you.”
  • Casper found her words ironic. Keeping his composure, he replied, “Ms. Hilda, do I need to pay two hundred thousand every time I want to see Amelia? If that's the case, I'll never be able to see her again.”
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