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Chapter 177 Crisis In Tycoon

  • Remy continued sitting there, feeling clueless about what he should do.
  • He knew that he had committed an irreversible mistake, but he did not know how to salvage the situation.
  • Naturally, he was aware of how awful the things he had done to Casper were. If their roles were reversed, he would not forgive Casper so easily. But Casper was the one who found the medicine and saved his life when he was critically ill.
  • Yet, after he woke up, he threw a tantrum at Casper because of that minor incident. Even Felix and Colton were disappointed with him.
  • Remy shook his head in despair. If he were them, he would have punched himself so that he could get a wake-up call and see how utterly foolish he had been.
  • Raising his head, Remy lifted his arm and slapped himself forcefully.
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