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Chapter 176 Regret

  • With a mischievous smile, Felix asked, “Did something unusual happen between you and Goddess? Why are both of you looking at each other with such a strange gaze? Tell me now! Did something scandalous happen between you and her?”
  • When Casper heard that, he turned around and shot Felix a look of disdain. “If there really is a scandalous relationship between us, would I still be wasting time with you? I'd have announced it to the entire world.”
  • Felix sighed. “You're right. If I'm lucky enough to be in a relationship with Ms. Clauder, I would definitely tell everyone. In fact, I'd even thank God for my good fortune.”
  • Smiling, Casper shot him another look. The three of them then walked to their seats and prepared to start lessons.
  • For this lesson, Giselle planned to talk about finance in ancient times.
  • When she talked about the previous dynasties, Giselle asked, “Would anyone here like to volunteer to describe the financial history of the ancient dynasties?”
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