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Chapter 146 A Forewarning

  • Casper's conclusions had Felix and Casper's eyes wide and mouths agape.
  • Even though they knew Jessica harbored ill-intent, they did not expect that the woman could be this vile.
  • Felix had heard enough and wanted to seek out and ferret the truth from Jessica right away.
  • “How could she! Does she not have a conscience? Could she not see how Remy felt about her?” he snarled.
  • Even Colton could not have imagined Jessica doing something like that to his buddy, and this sheer outrage of a situation had roused a wave of unprecedented anger within the eyes of that bashful boy.
  • Upon seeing the expression on their faces, Casper went on to say, “Calm down. I can tell from her reaction that she, too, must be surprised and appalled at how things turned out, so I'm guessing that she could have been manipulated into it.”
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