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Chapter 145 The Trepidation Of Jessica

  • That was the reason why she perceived being approached by a third party as a golden opportunity, and deemed it unforgivable should she pass it up.
  • She was unsure as to what Remy had been drugged with as she was not informed of it, and was at a loss herself seeing how things had seemingly spiraled out of control.
  • Even if she mildly regretted this rather unsalvageable situation, it appeared that there was no turning back now.
  • The outcome of her impulsiveness was her flimsy excuse fraying at the seams and threatening to cause her little charade to fall apart.
  • One look at Jessica's demeanor was sufficient for Casper to determine that there was no way Jessica could have nothing to do with Remy's predicament, but he brushed that aside as getting Remy in for treatment took priority.
  • His immediate thinking was to lift Remy out alongside Felix and Colton so that they may grab a ride out together to the hospital, but he felt somewhat troubled as not understanding the cause would doubtlessly prove problematic given the circumstances.
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