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Chapter 136 The Mastermind

  • Casper picked up the Swiss Army knife that was dropped and slowly approached Christian.
  • When he got close, he held up the knife.
  • “Tell me, who sent you? Were you supposed to kill me? Cripple me? Or just give me a beating?” Casper asked.
  • Looking at Christian, Casper suggested with a smile, “Hmm, my advice to you is to consider your answer carefully before replying. After all, blades are blind. It would be terrible if they accidentally cut something somewhere. A Swiss Army knife is a terribly sharp tool. Therefore, any accident would be catastrophic, don't you think?”
  • Isn't this f*cker making a blatant threat? He is going to maim me if I don't tell him the truth. Isn't that what he means?
  • Christian cursed in his heart. However, due to how strong Casper was and the fact that he had lost the fight, Christian had no choice but to start talking.
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