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Chapter 132 Sensitive

  • “According to the law, every citizen in the country has the right and obligation to learn and be educated. As a teacher, did you obey this law?
  • “While we're at it, please tell me how I'm undisciplined and short-sighted. In fact, I will get the f*ck out of here myself if you can give me an example of what rule I have broken.
  • “Finally, as a student, I genuinely wonder how a person with zero qualities and honor like you actually managed to become a teacher. Is your route to employment truly legit?
  • “Given your behavior and the circumstances, I will officially apply and request that the school investigate your qualification and how you got the job.
  • “If it is true that you are here legitimately, then I apologize. However, schools with systems and teachers like these are truly below me, so I will drop out even if you're not chasing me out.”
  • After saying his piece, Casper glared at Jack. The former's eyes carried no remorse or sympathy, and that got Jack to feel like he had just offended a bloodthirsty demon.
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