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Chapter 119 Defense

  • After all, Casper knew that everyone was well aware of his status, and that was a good thing for him. He did not want his background revealed that early.
  • Fabian's definitely a problem, but that's okay. To Casper, Fabian wasn't someone that was capable of causing any major ruckus. Even if Fabian knew about his identity, the former would still keep it a secret for his own pride's sake. That was exactly what Casper wanted.
  • Letting Silas inform the Firewolf Chamber this way was the fastest and most efficient way available, despite the fact that it might cause them to put up their guard.
  • However, as time passed, Silas' expression grew darker and darker.
  • “Is this brat really the owner of the Tycoon? How's that possible?” Silas cursed.
  • Nevertheless, all the evidence available at the moment all pointed to one thing, that Casper Simpson was, without a doubt, the person in charge of the five-star hotel.
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