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Chapter 105 Acquisition Of The Entertainment Company

  • Stallion was efficient in carrying out Casper's order. In no time, he had collected all the information about the entertainment company that Giselle was working at.
  • Casper flipped through the document. The owner of the company was a beautiful woman called Tiana Darwin.
  • From the photo attached, she looked flinty with thick brows and a pair of dazzling upturned eyes. The woman had tanned skin and a perfect body, thin yet muscular.
  • “This company is facing some issues lately. Its cash flow is tight, which will avail our acquisition of it,” Stallion reported when he saw Casper raising his brow at him.
  • “Have you asked if she has any intention of selling it?”
  • Stallion shook his head in response. “I've asked her. Although the company is facing some financial difficulties, she had no intention of selling it.”
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