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Chapter 5 Hot Emotions

  • It was already 600 in the morning when I get up first in bed while my husband was still sleeping. I couldn't sleep so well because of the fear I felt.
  • I even dream that my husband strangles me in the neck. My eyes get swollen as I was crying incessantly last night. I went to the bathroom to wash up my face. I need to go outside to go to the car to search for my luggage.
  • I opened the door of our room as I am looking around if someone was awake. I didn't see anyone, so I walk downstairs to see if I might spot someone. Even in the living room, I didn't see anyone.
  • I heard someone in the kitchen, so I went there to know if who was there. I have this thought that maybe Leonard hired a maid in his house.
  • As I reached the kitchen, I was stunned by what I saw. It's not the maid who was cooking but a handsome young man. It's the man who handed me a handkerchief at my wedding. As I was not moving because of shock, the man turned to me and said, "Oh, you're awake. Come here, let's eat,"
  • I still didn't move felt like my body was freezing. The forehead of the man frowned as he saw me in shock.
  • "Why does it seem like you have seen a ghost?"
  • "Aren't you the man who handed me the handkerchief?" I stuttered as I responded.
  • The man smiled at me and went closer to me. "Should I introduce myself to you? I'm Ethan Lee, younger brother of your husband, your one and only brother-in-law. Nice to meet you, my sister-in-law." He raises his right hand gestured to shake hands on me.
  • Even though it felt, awkward I still gave him a shaking hand as respect. As I was looking at him, I notice that he had brown eyes that glimmer as the light that tells me that he is a good man.
  • I am still holding his hands, so I took a chance to ask him if where I can find the car of my husband, but before I ask, I cleared my throat first and said, "Ahem..., may I know if where the car of my husband parked? I need to check if my red luggage was there."
  • He let go of my hand and said at the same time, "Ah, so the red luggage was yours?"
  • I suddenly came to the life of what he said, so I quickly answered, "Yes, it's mine! Did you happen to see it?"
  • He took a step and said to me, "Come follow me; I'll show you the luggage." I followed him as he walks towards upstairs, and we go to the very last room.
  • He opened the room then many kinds of stuff appear before us. It turned out to be their storage room. He stretches his big hands and opens the brown cabinet. Then he slowly took something into the cabinet. I want to know if the thing he took was my luggage, but his broad shoulder covers it, so I wait until he turns around.
  • "Is this the one you're looking for?" he asked me as he turned around towards me while holding the red luggage. I looked at it, and I was so glad because what I was looking for is this. I am grinning as I reached out my luggage from him and told him, "Yes, this is it! Thank you so much."
  • He smiled back at me as he was delighted that I thanked him and told me, "You're welcome, so will you join me to eat?"
  • As I was looking at him, I can feel that he badly needed a companion, and as compensation for helping me, I agreed, "Okay, I will accompany you, but before I can do that, can I take a shower first? I felt like I was smelly already."
  • "Okay, I'll wait for you in the dining then."
  • I hurriedly went to my room, holding my luggage. Then I carefully opened the door so that my husband would not awake. I saw that he was still asleep, so I slowly put it on the side of his closet and opened it. I rummaged in my towel inside the luggage and took it. As I was holding the towel in my hand, I immediately went to the bathroom.
  • He had a sizeable washroom and a bathtub in it. That I never in my whole life I experience. I slowly take off my clothes until nothing is left. I turned on the shower valve then slowly, the water drops from the showerhead. I closed my eyes as I savored the water flowing all over my body.
  • *****
  • Leonard wakes up from sleeping. He touches his bed to find out if his wife was still sleeping, but it's empty. Leonard turned to the right side of his bed to make sure she was not there and, indeed, his wife was no longer on the bed. He thought that maybe his wife was downstairs, so he slowly stands upon his bed.
  • Leonard had a hangover, and his body felt so hot, so Leonard decided to shower. He took his towel from the closet to bath, and because he is used to being the only one who uses his bathroom unless his girlfriend Elena Salvador comes, so, Leonard went straight to his bathroom and saw his wife, who was soaking wet naked.
  • He could not deny that the woman he married had a perfect body. It is like a perfect sculpture. He feels his body heat up even more, but he struggles against it.
  • Fortunately, her wife did not notice him because of the force of the pouring water, so he hurried out without being noticed.
  • "Get a hold of yourself Leonard, please remind yourself that you love your girlfriend, and that woman in the bathroom is a seducer!" he uttered to himself.
  • Since his brother's room was just next to him, he decided to use his brother's bathroom. He goes outside to ask permission from his brother. He hurried to his brother's room but unfortunately it was not there, so he just went out and entered the guest room and there bathed.