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Chapter 2

  • Mrs Grace steps out of the car as it stops in the large compound.
  • "Take the girl upstairs to my daughter's room" She told her personal guard as he held the door open for her. The compound was very large and the huge mansion screamed money. She walked into the large living room designed to perfection, blue sparkly marble tiles and expensive comfy large chairs. The wallpapers with warm feminine colors. A maid bowed to her and collected her hand bag.
  • "Good evening Mrs grace" She smiled . Mrs grace managed a smile before walking up the huge staircase leading to her room. She went into the large bedroom. She sat on the bed with red duvet and pulled off her heels. The maid walked in and dropped the bag.
  • "Your hot bath is ready Mrs grace... what would you like for dinner?" it was obvious she treated her workers well.
  • "Nothing.... had dinner at work... meanwhile go to my daughter's room. There's a girl in there.... I want her thoroughly clean tell bill to stay by her and tell the other maids to help you in washing and making her clean..... I'd be there in a few minutes" The maid bowed
  • "As you please miss Grace" She said with a smile and left the room, closing the door softly behind her. She sighed and removed the hair band from her hair. Her hair fell to her waist, few tendrils framing her face. She was beautiful, extremely beautiful. Well that's because she's an enchantress. An enchantress is always too beautiful. She sigh and walk into her expensive ensuite to have her bath. she emerged minutes later, Her white skin fair and clean. She wrapped a towel around her head, to dry off the wetness. She dressed up in a soft ankle length gown and walked out of her room. She walked down the stairs to daughters room. She had not been there in a while. There are a lot of rooms in the huge mansion but she wanted the lady to stay in her daughter's room. She entered and closed the door behind her. She looked around the room as she felt a pang of sadness wash over her.
  • It still looked the same, with the pink and white wallpapers, pink sparkly tiles and huge closets. Her twin daughters had always loved being together. They did everything together and even till when they were done with college, they still slept on the same bed. She looked at the bed now. With its huge gold embroided drapes.
  • The unconscious lady was lying on it. She walked towards her and sat beside her.
  • She looked better than before. Her dirty clothes had been discarded and replaced with a knee length gown. Her jet black hair was packed. She stared at the girl's face. It was still with purple bruises. There was a cut on her lips and a cut above her left eye. Her cheeks was swollen, like she had been beaten. Mrs Chloe felt tears sting her eyes at the harm they had done to the beautiful lady. She looked about twenty four years of age.
  • Her ring started to glint again, this time it was giving out red arrow like light.
  • The red light meant only one thing, danger.... is lurking. The light began to fade gradually before finally thinning out. Mrs grace sighed. She knew it was totally impossible for her to use her healing powers on her... it was too late. She gently placed her ringed palm on the girl's forehead and closed her eyes. She squint her eyes tighter as she found herself in another place. It was dank and dirty. it was a revelation, to know what had happened to the lady. She looked around her and she saw a girl lying on the floor. She walked towards the girl on the floor. She paused when she saw a group of men around her. The girl was whimpering. Some had sticks of cigarettes in their mouth, they reeked of alcohol and cum.
  • She watched as one of them dragged the whimpering lady up and gave her a punch on her face. The lady yelped in pain while the others cackled. They pushed her roughly to the ground as she continued yelping and pleading. One of them pulled off his trousers and the others held her hands. He had his way with her while the girl screamed in pain, begging and yelping. The others laughed as they continuously slapped her till she fainted.
  • Mrs grace opened her eyes and returned her gaze to the young lady. She bad been raped mercilessly by street thugs. She had limited time to live, probably till next morning. she would have readily used her healing powers but it was too late to do so.
  • Mrs grace stood up and walked out of the room. Her guard was at the door.
  • "Cancel all my night appointments bill" She said and walked back upstairs into her room. She sat on her huge bed as different thoughts went through her mind.
  • She had promised her daughters she would never let another person die when she could save them. She sighed sadly. How she wished Damian was here with her, how she wished her twin daughters hadn't died so faraway. She could heal them but they had died so faraway from her that it was only their corpse they had brought back. A tear ran down her cheek and she wiped it off. She would save this rare breed, come what may, she would try. She stood up and walked towards a mahogany door leading into her study, it used to be Damian's, not until he left her to remarry a younger girl. She had the powers to kill him, but she hadn't. It wasn't her kind of person. She was always this kind woman that couldn't hurt a fly. she rarely used her powers, unless to heal. She sat down at a table. There was a heap of letters arranged neatly beside a lamp. She took out a fresh book and pen. She always wrote letters, to damian and to her dead daughters, letters which never left the study or got to the recipients. She tuck her long dark hair behind her ears and began to write.... only that this time, she wasn't writing to Damian or her daughters, but to the young unconscious lady in her daughters room.