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Chapter 8: Exercise

  • Angela looked around his room. Drake’s bedroom was unique; it was sparsely decorated, and everything was clean, crisp lines much like himself. Not a single thing was out of place, she noticed.
  • When Angela heard the water in the bathroom turn off, she jumped off the bed and hurried back to her room. She did not want to test the waters with him today and make him angry. When she went into her bathroom and looked in the mirror, she found there was a mark of red lipstick on her cheek, probably left by Stella. Angela washed her face feeling disgusted that Stella’s lips had been near her face.
  • It had never occurred to Angela that after rebirth, she would meet Stella. Even meeting Drake Thorne was a strange coincidence. Although Drake knew nothing, she clearly remembered the night he had raped her. She could still recall every detail of that night, which often made her flustered when facing him. She had to admit that she had quite enjoyed that night despite the pain, which made her ashamed of herself, but she could not repress her feelings now, could she?
  • Angela was still feeling drained, so she decided to draw herself a bath. After her relaxing bath, she dressed in her comfy sweats and went downstairs for breakfast at the urging of the housekeeper.
  • She noticed Drake was already sitting at the dining table eating toast and an omelet. She forced herself to smile and said, “Morning, Drake!”
  • “You are going to the gym with me after breakfast!” Drake looked at her emaciated body and frowned.
  • Hearing this, Angela almost choked on her juice.
  • “What? You don’t want to?” Drake narrowed his eyes
  • The servants standing around them knew that was a sign of their boss getting angry, so they all lowered their heads, waiting for the outburst.
  • Seeing this, Angela hurried to nod and answered, “No, of course, I’d like to!”
  • The gym Drake frequented was the best in this city. The fitness coaches only trained the most elite members of Harbour society. When they arrived early in the morning, there were only five other people in the fitness center.
  • Drake glanced at Angelo and led him to the weights section of the gym. Angela was dumbfounded when she looked around the center. It looked less like a gym and more like a seven-star hotel!
  • There were bright grand crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The lobby was beautifully decorated with an electric fireplace on one end and a mini fountain on the other. There was also a minibar where a barista was busy making shakes and smoothies for breakfast.
  • Drake pointed to a barbell that a man had just put down and ordered, “Try to lift it up!”
  • Hearing this, Angela was a bit embarrassed and shocked, but she could not say no. Even in her previous life, she had barely done weights. She was usually more a cardio person, preferring to run rather than lift weights.
  • Under the eagle eye of Drake, she slowly approached the barbell and tried to lift it up. However, she could only lift it up a little and then put it on the ground again.
  • “Um…can I try a lighter one?” Angela mumbled to Drake embarrassedly. She did not want to come off as completely helpless in front of him, but the thing was actually burdensome.
  • “No!” Drake pointed again to the same barbell on the ground, “Go on!”
  • Hearing this, Angela had no choice but to lift it again!
  • With all her strength, she tried to lift it up again but could only get it past her elbows. Her face turned red from straining. Gosh, she really was weak, she thought to herself. She had been inactive for so long! It seemed impossible for her to do this! Why could he not just make her run or something!?
  • Suddenly, Drake walked behind her and grabbed the barbell. Angela’s breath hitched as she felt his presence behind her, his body touching her own. She could smell the musky cologne he had put on and feel his hot breath on her neck. His arms encircled her and grabbed the barbell, easily lifting it up. Angela’s body was stiff as a statue as she felt his body moving behind her.
  • She was trapped between the barbell and Drake’s arms.
  • “Now turn around and hold it up!” Drake frowned because of the fact that she was so small and thin that such a small space was enough for her.
  • Angela nodded and shimmied until she turned around and out of his arms. As much as she liked the position, she was starting to get hot and flustered, and she did not want others (including Aiken) to notice she was getting turned on at the thought of her brother being this close to her.
  • Angela let out a slight gasp when her hand accidentally brushed with something rock hard on the lower part of his body. It was his manhood! It was hard and large, and Angela could not help but remember again the night they had sex! She tried hard to ignore the feeling and prayed no one had seen or noticed, including Drake!
  • Of course, Drake had noticed, and he kept hard to control his emotions. Truth be told, he was lusting after his stepbrother, but he could not let anyone find out, let alone in a public place. He frowned when he imagined the scandal if someone got a picture of them.
  • “Mr. Thorne, it’s an honor to see you here!” The manager of the gym ran over. Angela noticed that he was in his workout clothes and probably had been one of the five people she noticed.
  • Drake only replied with a curt nod, “Make a fitness plan for him!”
  • Hearing this, the manager hurriedly led them to his office and offered them water. He then placed a series of fitness plans on the table.
  • “We have various plans for different needs, such as a body-shaping plan, six-pack workout plan, toning plan, short-term muscle enhancement plan, and so on. Which one do you prefer? What are your goals?” The manager directed the question at Angela.
  • Angela was pondering the manager’s words, “six-pack” and “muscle.” What had she gotten herself into, she internally cried to herself! This was going to be torture!
  • She wanted to refuse, of course. It was not easy to have firm abs, let alone a six-pack!
  • Drake said nothing, so the manager continued, “You can get changed first, and we can help measure the body fat rate and do a physical examination. Then we can talk about the plan in more detail!”
  • Angela was taken to the male dressing room and handed a brand-new bag. Looking inside the bag, she noticed new workout clothes, a fancy water bottle, and many more items. Wow, they really did go all out, she thought.
  • Angela had been feeling a bit queasy since her breakfast, but when she walked into the dressing room to change, her nauseous feeling came on full force. Dropping her bag on the ground, she ran to the bathroom as the overpowering feeling overtook her. She rushed to a stall and barely managed to lock the door before she vomited into the toilet bowl.