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The Next Wife

The Next Wife

Gift Odulesi

Last update: 2023-06-08

Chapter 1

  • "Get out of this house, woman!" Fred Maklaw, the 32-year-old man barked at his wife, Mina Maklaw.
  • "Excuse me?" She huffed, getting to her feet from the vanity's chair.
  • Mina wasn't as surprised as ever because whether or not she admitted it or affirmed it to be true, she could tell that this was going to happen someday but she didn't expect it to be today.
  • Fred had just burst the door open by pushing it with an audacious force, storming towards her then stopped only a few feet away from her, and just hollered his whole life out at her.
  • He furiously held her by her arm and started to storm out of her room, dragging her roughly with him.
  • "Fred," she cried, "you're hurting me."
  • Fred didn't reck to hearken to her voice which was as equal as infuriating and killing to him. He was only interested in getting her out of his sight, house and mostly his life.
  • He tugged her all the way down the stairs then took quick steps to the door in which one step was equal to three of her steps so she had to run to catch up.
  • "You know you need to calm down and stop this drama." Mina spoke convincingly. Desperation was evident in her deep voice. She was as desperate as ever to stop him from throwing her out of the house.
  • The doors were already open widely so he easily pulled her forward and pushed her out of his mansion.
  • Mina lost her balance and harshly fell to the floor of the vestibule. With her so-called smartness, she was quick enough to prevent her forehead from smashing to the floor.
  • Her elbows and knees got bruised due to the friction on sliding against the floor.
  • She sharply turned her head to Fred. She had flown off the handle already and wasn't going with her pretence nature this time.
  • Getting to her feet, her body ached like hell from Fred's roughness on her.
  • "How dare you throw me out of 'my house'?!" She roared, advancing towards Fred that was boiling and mentally calculating what was the next step to take.
  • "You're so unbelievable. Your house?" He  spat. A vein popped on his neck as his chest rose and fell to further express his furiousness, as well as the intense crumpling of his forehead.
  • "No matter how much you might or might not hate me, the sweetest part of it all is that I'm still your legally married wife." Mina permitted a shit-eating smirk to play on her lips, jamming her hands to her hips.
  • "Why the fuck are you sending me out this time? Be precise, please." Her question was something she ought not to ask, knowing fully well that if there were to be a list of the possible things that resulted to this, it could amount to an entire book as big as a book containing everything there needed to be known about Physics.
  • "You definitely didn't ask me that question right now, did you?" He said rhetorically, with a snort.
  • "I'm fed up with you and I don't want you in my life. You'll just end me if I remain with you." He spoke venomously.
  • "Not only are you unable to bear a child after five years that we've been together, you're a really terrible person to be with and you're ruining my reputation, my business as well as my life!" He latrated.
  • "No, no, wait. What?!" She exclaimed. "Scratch that shit, we're both aware of the fact that I'm totally fit and able to carry a child."
  • — "why then have you aborted about seven of them or even more?" He groaned frustratedly through gritted teeth
  • "Oh, you found that out too?" She forced a smile. Fred couldn't tell whether she was angry or excited or whatever emotion it was she was feeling but one thing he was sure of, Mina was damn crazy.
  • "Well, I don't think I want to carry those little demons in my belly for 9 whole fucking months. Geez, that's torture." She sounded so serious.
  • Fred raked his fingers through his hair and bit his lower lip intently that it was almost at the point of bleeding.
  • "Just leave, now!" He ordered.
  • "I'm going nowhere." She retorted.
  • He couldn't take it anymore. She just had to leave or the last screw of his brain was going to lose.
  • Fred called for his guards and ordered them to take her out of the house, never to let her step foot in his house again.
  • "Fred, I promise you that you'll never find a new wife!" She yelled as they held her arms.
  • She threw her legs in the air as they lifted her from her feet, taking her away.
  • "No one will cope with your stupid self. You'll run back to me, I promise you. I'll come back to you, no matter what!" She continued to yell on the top of her lungs.
  • Fred fell to the floor, sitting on the floor nonchalantly.
  • He felt relief wash over him.
  • Mina was finally gone. Was this real or was it just a dream? He wondered to himself.
  • He let out a chuckle, then another, then another before bursting out into laughter.
  • He laughed so hard that his eyes watered and he had to lay on his back on the floor with his hands on his stomach as he laughed so hard.
  • He was finally free from her. What a testimony?
  • What he had to do was to make it legal, divorce her. Then, find a new woman to wife, a better one that wasn't a demoness.