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Chapter 84 Everything Is An Act

  • “Mom!”
  • Danna tugged on Vivian's sleeve, urging her to stop. Then, she turned to Edwin and apologized, “Edwin, my mother is too anxious. Do forgive her. We only wanted to take a look at Gavin, just for a little while.”
  • Danna looked down as she choked back her tears. “What I did was wrong. I came here to apologize. Please let me see him, Edwin!”
  • When she looked up again, her eyes were brimming with tears, looking extremely pitiful.
  • Edwin would have believed her if he didn't witness her cruelty in the past.
  • He uttered coldly, “Ms. Adams, Gavin is reluctant to meet you as he was deeply hurt. You should stay away from him for the time being if you really do care about him.”
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