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Chapter 71 Benjamin Suspects Danna

  • Meanwhile, Benjamin remained nonchalant about Danna's repeated calls. The woman was determined to get him on the phone.
  • As a matter of fact, Danna had already arrived at Benjamin's office. However, the security guards at the entrance stopped her from entering the premises.
  • “Buzz off! I'll make sure all of you get the sack!” fumed Danna.
  • “I am sorry for the inconvenience, but an employee must verify and escort all visitors to office premises. Otherwise, we can't let you in,” insisted the security guard.
  • Earlier on, Benjamin passed orders to stop Danna from entering. Thus, the security did just as they were told.
  • “I am Benjamin's fiancée and have entered the office in the past!” expostulated Danna, who was livid at the way they barred her from entry. In her exasperation, she glared sinisterly at them.
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