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Chapter 381 My Son

  • Since Danna was locked up and the Adams family was under surveillance, only the subordinates were watching the child.
  • Those people are just working for the money. If they see the high rewards offered, they'll surely get swayed. Even if they don't, the neighbors in the area would. With that in mind, Benjamin hoped they'd be able to locate the child soon.
  • However, it was an uphill task to find a child in a sea of people.
  • If the child was registered in the household registration system, there was still hope of finding him. However, they didn't know if he was registered.
  • Besides, if he was registered, they would've registered him when he was born. The only way they could find him was to screen through all the children who were of the same age. By doing that, it'd take a long time because it'd be like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  • Hence, Benjamin hoped they could get an advantage by relaunching the advertisement they advertised earlier.
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