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Chapter 294 Give Me The Green Light

  • Unsure of how to respond to that, Arissa tried to change the topic. “Aren't you tired from your lack of sleep? Why come play with the kids instead of getting some sleep?”
  • Kingsley had stayed up the whole night, so how is he still so energetic?
  • “I had a nightmare and couldn't go back to sleep. Anyway, I am feeling a little tired now. Do you mind if I sleep here, Mrs. Graham?” Kingsley said.
  • “Why are you asking me? This is Benjamin's place, so you should be asking him for permission instead!” Arissa retorted.
  • Kingsley chuckled. “Boss won't say no if you give me the green light!”
  • Arissa fell speechless as she wondered if she really did have that much authority.
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