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Chapter 278 Benjamin Backs Her Up

  • Meanwhile, Hector's face fell instantaneously upon Arissa's words. The young heir of a wealthy family? Is she talking about me?
  • The grimness on his face became more intense when he heard that Regina even had scandals with married men.
  • Sensing that Hector seemed to be swayed by Arissa's words, Regina snarled, “Stop lying! If not, I'll rip you apart!”
  • Squeezing out an insincere smile, Arissa mocked, “I'm just telling the truth. Why are you flipping out all of a sudden? No doubt, it's easy as pie for you to rip me apart. After all, both the young heir and your beloved sugar daddies are backing you up. As for me, I'm just an ordinary woman without any support. Ms. Lawson, please spare me. Don't be infuriated by my words.”
  • Then, she turned to look at Hector deliberately. “Mr. Robinson, am I right?”
  • Wearing a look of utter grimness, Hector snapped at her, “If you did not reject me at that time, you would have been able to lead a better life now!”
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