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Chapter 275 Danna Receives Summons From The Court

  • When Arissa came to her senses, she realized that she had wolfed down more than half a portion of the food.
  • She stole a glance at Benjamin and thought of asking if he would like to have some. Right that instant, someone opened the door abruptly.
  • The next second, Jonathan stepped into the ward with a briefcase. Wearing a solemn look, he was dressed in a black suit with his hair slicked back neatly.
  • Scrutinizing him from head to toe, Arissa could not resist admiring the man inwardly. Now that's how a lawyer should look!
  • Sensing someone gazing at him, Jonathan turned instinctively. When a woman came into view, he was stunned momentarily. Is she Gavin's mother?
  • He nodded at Arissa and greeted, “Nice to meet you.”
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