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Chapter 227 Do Not Break Your Promise

  • “Don't worry about it. We're also responsible for anything that happens to them when they're at school. It's our mistake since we weren't more careful about who we let into the school grounds. I'm glad that you found them safely,” Robert said.
  • When he saw Benjamin, he continued, “Mr. Graham, we will improve our security measures to ensure the safety of all the students in the future!”
  • “Mm.” Benjamin nodded briefly.
  • However, there were some things that still needed to be said.
  • “Make sure you increase the number of guards to watch the surveillance cameras at all times. Second, refrain any strangers from entering the school grounds. Moreover, make sure you check all your future employees' backgrounds thoroughly before hiring them,” he continued.
  • “Yes, Mr. Graham,” Robert replied and took a deep breath after looking at them.
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