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Chapter 21 I Am Sorry

  • Meanwhile, after they finished eating, the four children helped Arissa clean the dishes. She smiled and did not stop them from helping her.
  • Some habits have to be practiced at an early age.
  • “Be careful!” She had just barked a warning when Gavin broke a bowl.
  • He had jerked at Arissa's loud reminder and lost grip on the bowl. “Mommy, I'm sorry!”
  • Arissa saw how nervous Gavin was, and she burst out laughing. “It's okay as long as you're not hurt!” Hastily, she pulled Gavin away, grabbed a broom, and gathered all the shard pieces into a trash bag. “Go outside and play first. There might still be broken pieces lying around. I'll take care of it!”
  • “Come on, let's go out!” Zachary pulled Gavin out and comforted him, “It's all right!”
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