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Chapter 191 Not On Good Terms

  • “I don't even want to know how your daughter got the child. Right now, one thing's for certain. She hasn't been kind to my grandson, so stop begging for my mercy! Let the law deal with her!” Darius snapped.
  • “Mr. Graham, Danna didn't mistreat Gavin. Gavin's just naughty, that's all. She had to punish him a little-”
  • “A little? Have you read the news at all? What else has your daughter done behind everyone's back? Who knows? What a devil! I don't care how naughty my grandson has been. That doesn't give you the right to punish him like that! Get lost!”
  • Darius' eyes widened as he yelled. He got so angry that his body trembled violently.
  • Edwin immediately rushed over to the old man and offered some soothing words.
  • “Mr. Graham, Danna has learned her lesson, so please free her. We can have a nice talk about everything else...”
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