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Chapter 19 Come To My Office Tomorrow

  • “Sweethearts, it's time to eat. Stop playing on the computer and go wash your hands!” Arissa cooked the dishes, came over, and ordered the children to wash their hands, unaware that someone had ill intentions toward her.
  • “Mommy, we're coming!” Hastily, they turned off the computer, and Zachary looked at Gavin.
  • “Why did he call me? He didn't suspect us, did he?” asked Zachary. The boy then hastily removed the SIM card, so as not to be tracked down by Benjamin.
  • He didn't expect Benjamin to be so perceptive and grew too careless. He won't blame it on Mommy, will he?
  • “That's highly possible!” Gavin had not expected Zachary to go ahead and hack Benjamin's computer.
  • He thought the latter had only hacked into the electrical circuit system.
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