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Chapter 185 Hiding In The Countryside

  • Looking at the bunch of excited kids, Arissa was glad that she brought them here.
  • The initial destination was an old village. However, she suddenly recalled having bought a farmhouse in the past, so they came here instead.
  • After all, she was familiar with the area. As long as they had enough food and water, this would be a safe place for them to hide.
  • Hm... We need to store some grains. As for vegetables, we can plant some ourselves. I think we can avoid Benjamin for some time if we are self-sufficient.
  • The previous owner of the farmhouse was selling the property as they intended to migrate out of the country. Arissa came across the notice and decided to take the opportunity to purchase it.
  • The farmhouse was located in a relatively remote area, and there were rarely outsiders. Thus, it would not be easy for Benjamin to track them down.
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