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Chapter 181 Quintuplets Instead Of Triplets

  • “We just wanted to make sure if the four of them belonged to Mr. Graham. I swear, that's all we w-”
  • Ethen did not let him finish. He stomped forcefully on the man's wound, causing the captive to wince as tears rolled down his cheeks. “Keep telling yourself that, you bastard! That's all you wanted, is that right? Then why did you kidnap them?”
  • Benjamin bellowed, his fingers slightly clenched.
  • Arissa has four children? Are they mine? Not three, but five of them?
  • “W-We are sorry! It's all Danna's idea! She's the one behind all this! She wants Arissa dead. She wants to kill you children too. She forced us to do her bidding. Please believe us, Mr. Graham. We told you everything we know!”
  • The man struggled as he begged for forgiveness. He would have gotten down on all fours and pleaded if he had not been tied up.
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