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Chapter 134 Applying Topical Medication On Her Again

  • When Shaun saw the large bruise on Arissa's arm, he gasped in shock. “Who did this to you?”
  • Just as he was about to check her injury, Arissa's face was contorted with pain.
  • Noticing her reaction, Benjamin, who was standing at the side, frowned and shouted at Shaun, “Be gentle!”
  • His action brought a small smile onto Shaun's face.
  • “Since you don't bring her to the hospital for an X-ray, I can only perform a physical assessment on her,” Shaun explained. “She has to endure the pain. If I don't do this, it is impossible to know if she has a broken bone.”
  • Benjamin's dashing face turned sullen and grim upon hearing that.
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