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Chapter 126 Unloved

  • “Hehe!” Arissa chuckled. “I'm not interested!”
  • Benjamin remained silent.
  • “There's only one reason why you haven't married her yet, Mr. Graham. And that's because you don't love her enough!” Arissa said cheekily. “Am I right, Mr. Graham? Since you've already had kids together, yet you guys aren't married. If it's not because you don't love her enough, then what else could it be? If two people love each other enough, they'll always work their way through.”
  • Benjamin felt exposed and with a dour look written all over his face, he blurted, “Quite an analysis there, Ms. York!”
  • Arissa then smiled and said, “It's just my opinion as an onlooker. I bet you have your own reasons, Mr. Graham.”
  • Benjamin averted his gaze. “So, you know who's the father to the kids, Ms. York?”
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