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Chapter 112 Keep It A Secret

  • “Daddy, let's bring Mommy and my brothers home!”
  • Hearing that, Benjamin's gaze flickered. That woman seems to have her guard up against me. She knows that the children are mine, but she continues to hide them from me. Hmph! Besides that, she has a mouth full of lies. That wicked woman.
  • “Daddy, don't you want to meet the others?”
  • “Didn't you notice that your mommy is very wary of me?” Benjamin sneered.
  • Gavin pursed his lips and muttered, “Mommy is afraid that you'll steal her children away from her. Furthermore, you still have unfinished business with that evil woman.”
  • “Since when do I have unfinished business with her?” Benjamin scoffed and said with an extremely cold expression.
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