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Chapter 99 I Do Not Know What Regret Is

  • Since Jared was in trouble because of her, she decided to sacrifice her life. After all, she couldn't sit idly by and watch Jared be killed in front of her.
  • As a massive gush of wind blew against her face, Hilda closed her eyes in fear. She gripped onto Jared tightly so that she could keep him behind her.
  • Maria couldn't help but scream, “Hilda!”
  • Although she had just gotten to know Hilda, Maria liked Hilda for her great personality. Hence, she couldn't resist calling out, as she felt it would be a shame for Hilda to die on Jared's behalf.
  • At the same time, watching Bob's rapidly approaching fist caused Hilda to feel death knocking on her door. After the strong gust of wind blew over, nothing else happened. When she finally opened her eyes, she noticed Bob's fist had stopped a few inches away from her. Jared had intercepted it and halted the attack.
  • At that instant, everyone's eyes widened in disbelief. Bob in particular was completely stupefied. He could feel the boundless energy Jared was emitting. No matter how much strength he used, his efforts were futile.
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