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Chapter 93 Are You Still A Man

  • The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes at Zayne. Nonetheless, in the face of his opponents' numbers and the fact that they were hot-blooded youths, the man knew that he was at a disadvantage if a fight were to break out. With a grim expression, he threatened, “Kid, you had better watch out. Tell me your name, and I will teach you a lesson one of these days!”
  • “I'm Zayne Carlson, and I'll be right here waiting for you. Do you think my comrades and I are wimps?”
  • At that moment, Zayne felt exhilarating, imagining himself as a mafia boss.
  • “All right, all right.”
  • After acknowledging Zayne's words, the middle-aged man turned and left with his bodyguards.
  • Once the man was gone, Zayne was on cloud nine. He had never felt so powerful before and was relishing in the sensation.
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