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Chapter 92 All At Once

  • Hilda wasn't just pretty but could sing very well too. Her voice was just as melodious as the actual singer's which further fueled the guys' jealousy toward Jared.
  • Zayne in particular stared at Hilda with increasing intensity. Nevertheless, he kept his affection in check due to Maria's presence.
  • Amidst Hilda's singing, the atmosphere in the private room reached a climax. Everyone was tipsy and dancing ecstatically at the same time.
  • After having a few beers, Troy stood up with his face blushing red and danced together with the others.
  • Only Jared sat alone by the corner, watching everyone else in silence.
  • Just when everyone was having a ball of a time, the private room's door was pushed open. A bald man holding a glass of wine walked in, followed by two bodyguards in suits.
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