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Chapter 85 Small Matter

  • Franklin welcomed Zayne with a smile as well. “Zayne, it's all thanks to you! Now my company is safe. We should have a few drinks together to celebrate.”
  • Zayne was getting arrogant upon seeing how Franklin's attitude toward him had changed.
  • “It's just a small matter, Mr. Saunders! As Mrs. Saunders said, we're family now!” Zayne sat down next to Franklin pridefully.
  • Although Zayne knew that he had nothing to do with collecting the debt for Franklin, he accepted the recognition anyway. He had to take the opportunity to make a good impression out of himself.
  • “Zayne, I had no idea you knew Mr. Lewis! You should've seen the look on the owner of Glamorous Designs' face when he came with my money! He was so scared that he almost kneeled before me. It was so satisfying to watch!” Throughout the years, Franklin had never been treated with such respect.
  • “Just let me know if your company needs help with anything from now on, Mr. Saunders. Although I'm just a departmental manager, there's nothing I can't deal with in the whole of Horington,” Zayne gloated shamelessly. He wasn't worried about getting exposed because he knew that no one at the table knew Tommy.
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