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Chapter 81 Do You Have An Objection

  • “Didn't you tell Mr. Jennings that Jared is an ex-convict?” Maria continued pursuing the matter.
  • “Of course, I did! I almost had a heart attack at the look in Mr. Jennings' eyes at that time. If I dared to dissuade him further, he might even demote me!”
  • In fact, Zayne was still fearful when he recalled Xavier's gaze earlier.
  • “Don't tell me he's really acquainted with Mr. Jennings?” Maria's brows creased.
  • “Let's just observe how things are first. If he's really acquainted with Mr. Jennings, we can't target him anymore in the future. Instead, you'll have to fawn over him,” Zayne reminded.
  • “I know that!” Maria rolled her eyes before stalking out of the office.
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