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Chapter 78 What Bad Luck

  • “Bro, if you really have connections, do you mind putting in a good word for me? If I'm hired, I'll treat you to a meal at a hotel!”
  • The young man gazed at Jared expectantly.
  • In response, Jared chuckled softly. “Sure! If I get the job, I'll put in a good word or two for you!”
  • “Thank you, thank you! You're too kind...” The young man kept thanking him, his face shining with exhilaration.
  • Shortly after, the interview started. Interviewees after interviewees entered the office nervously, only to walk back out despondently. Even those few from prestigious universities didn't manage to get the job.
  • When the young man beside Jared saw that the graduates from the renowned universities had failed, he grew all the more apprehensive. His hands curled into loose fists, and his palms grew damp with sweat.
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