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Chapter 72 Throw Them Out

  • “This gentleman's bank card is a customized card issued to the Sullivan family. We only acknowledge the card and not the person. Do you think the two of you can compare with the Sullivan family?”
  • A glimmer of contempt flittered across the eyes of the bank manager.
  • His words stunned Delilah for a moment while the people around them exclaimed in awe.
  • After all, the Sullivan family was the wealthiest family in Horington. As such, it was no wonder that the staff earlier changed his attitude instantly when he glimpsed the bank card in Jared's hand.
  • When one had a bank card issued to the Sullivan family, the bank would even send someone to personally deliver the money with a single phone call, much less coming to the bank in person to make a withdrawal. All banks competed among themselves for such a client.
  • The instant Brayden heard that Jared was in possession of a customized bank card issued to the Sullivan family, he went as pale as a sheet. Crap! If he's really associated with the Sullivan family, my small company will go bankrupt with a single word from him!
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