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Chapter 65 Simplicity

  • “Yes. It's just that we have lost contact in recent years, and I don't know what happened to him.” Franklin nodded.
  • “Perhaps he is already a high-ranking civil servant. When he arrives, you two can spend some quality time and reminisce about the past.” Filled with delight, Frieda turned to Maria. “Go and get yourself changed quickly. Our guests are arriving, so you should dress up. Furthermore, this squad leader of your dad's has a son. When they arrive together, you might—”
  • “Come on, Mom. Stop it. I have a boyfriend now, and you're aware of it, aren't you? You're being such a pain!”
  • Getting up from the couch, Maria headed to her bedroom with an exasperated expression.
  • “You silly girl, I'm doing this for your own good. Zayne is nothing more than a sales manager. This guy is the son of a powerful official. Zayne is no match for him.” Frieda kept nagging Maria.
  • Ignoring her mother, Maria entered her bedroom and slammed the door shut.
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