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Chapter 64 Are You Crazy

  • Franklin lived in Phoenix Garden, which was a famous residential area in Horington. As houses there cost at least a million or more, it was a place out of reach for ordinary folks.
  • “Jared, when we arrive, remember to be nice and behave respectfully. After all, we are asking him for help. Considering your situation, it's not easy to get a job, as most companies are unwilling to hire ex-convicts. Hence, you have to be aware of...”
  • In the car, Hannah kept nagging Jared, worried that he would make a mistake.
  • Turning around from the front passenger seat, Gary put a stop to it. “Enough. There's no need to keep harping on it. So what if he has gone to prison before? Does it mean that he is of questionable character? I have been friends with Franklin for a long time, so this isn't going to be an issue.”
  • He was concerned that Hannah's nagging would exasperate Jared, especially when it came to his time in prison. After all, it wasn't his fault that he ended up there.
  • “Since both of you are so close, why didn't he come and see you over the last few years? It's not like you're unaware of how much we have suffered recently.”
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